Tiddalick the Frog- Drama Incursion


Tiddalick the Frog


On Monday, Michaela from Drama Toolbox worked with the students to relate the story of Tiddalick through drama. Students listened dressed up and performed the story.      

We would love to hear any comments from the children about this incursion.   

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3 thoughts on “Tiddalick the Frog- Drama Incursion

  1. I loved tidal icky it was awesome!
    I loved being a cockatoo
    I’m gonna give it a 8 out of 10

    • That’s fantastic Emilie. I enjoyed it too. I really enjoyed watching the children dancing and pretending to be animals. It was very entertaining. I wonder if someone in 2/3 F will one day be an actor?
      Yes your group has done Drama and they were terrific. I can ask Jessica or Abbey to show you the mirrors and spot the difference game we played during our break times if you like.
      Remember the other rotations are art, poetry and readers theatre. ( all great ways of telling a story).

  2. I loved Tiddalick the frog and being a cockatoo!

    Me and my family are driving to sydney and I think we are nearly there!

    459 kilometres

    I’m giving it a ten out of ten

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